Is Ariana Grande A Diva!?

ariana grande DIVA demands

So Giuliana Rancic recently called Ariana Grande a diva and having a reputation for being difficult! You know all these Ariana fans are gonna freak out on her because they are ruthless… these little teenagers will chop your head off on the internet. Giuliana was interviewing her for an awards show and Ariana Grande wouldn’t do the interview unless she was on the left side. She said it’s one thing if Mariah has you move but when you’re new on the block, you’re young and you got to get a great reputation and go overboard to get people to like you. She thinks it’s too early for her to be acting this way.

But I kind of get where Ariana is coming from. Sometimes when I do photoshoots I can smile comfortably on my left side but I don’t know how to do it and not feel awkward on my right side. I love Ariana, she’s beautiful, she’s a great talent and just wonderful. The thing I don’t get is that she always wears that one hairstyle of half up, half down but I think when she has all her hair down she looks beautiful and sexy so I don’t get why she keeps putting her hair up. Girl, you are beyond gorgeous with you hair down!!!

I think that’s why shes starting to do photoshoots with her hair down. She’s growing out of the hair look with the half up, half down where she looks 15 years old. She’s 21 years old and she is sexy and she should be sexy. The knee high boots have to go. She has he best body ever and sexy legs, she’s so tiny. So hopefully she’s going to turn a new leaf!

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beyonce pregnant with baby number two
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First of all I don’t think she was pregnant with baby number one to begin with. I’m sorry but the way she sat down, your pregnant stomach cannot do that and I know that from experience. I really don’t get it! It doesn’t bother me that Beyonce wanted to have a surrogate but maybe she was embarrassed and that’s why she wore the fake tummy but dude it’s like just be honest so we can stop talking shit about it!

But anyway she’s supposedly pregnant with her second baby. She was in France holding her belly. There are stories that Jay-Z is being overprotective of her these past couple months and telling the crew on tour to keep their voices down so that she doesn’t get stressed… so she might actually be pregnant. As long as you’re expecting no matter how you’re expecting it doesn’t matter. Congrats Beyonce! I hope it’s true and I want it to be a boy so that it’s a mini Jay-z.

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