Beyonce Might Be Preggers With Baby Number Two?

beyonce pregnant with baby number two
Nookie with Snooki: Double Date with beyonce and Jay Z
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First of all I don’t think she was pregnant with baby number one to begin with. I’m sorry but the way she sat down, your pregnant stomach cannot do that and I know that from experience. I really don’t get it! It doesn’t bother me that Beyonce wanted to have a surrogate but maybe she was embarrassed and that’s why she wore the fake tummy but dude it’s like just be honest so we can stop talking shit about it!

But anyway she’s supposedly pregnant with her second baby. She was in France holding her belly. There are stories that Jay-Z is being overprotective of her these past couple months and telling the crew on tour to keep their voices down so that she doesn’t get stressed… so she might actually be pregnant. As long as you’re expecting no matter how you’re expecting it doesn’t matter. Congrats Beyonce! I hope it’s true and I want it to be a boy so that it’s a mini Jay-z.

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