Beauty Moment Monday: Night Cream

snooki - elemis pro-collagen oxygenating night cream
Fav Lip Balm
Snooki - Favorite Lip Balm Loccitane Mom and Baby Balm
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Moisturizing night cream anyone? This is my life saver!!! I love the product from Elemis called the Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream. Even though I’m 26, I’m terrified of aging, so anything that helps with keeping the skin young and soft, I’m gonna do! This product helps your skin by increasing oxygen levels to the skins surface, resulting in a firmer, more radiant complexion! Plus it smells good! Every night after my shower, I put this on my face and my skin always feels clean and soft! So if your looking for that soft skin on your face always, I recommend this product every night before bed!

Say What!? Story Of The Week…

Snooki - boy masturbates to pre-photoshopped photos of actresses and models

So there is this 14 year old kid who only masturbates to pre-photoshopped images of models and actresses. He likes them to look natural and real. He showed a picture of Megan Fox walking outside of a store and she has no makeup on and baseball hat and sweater and says he loves seeing women in their natural state. He says he doesn’t need pics of women to be airbrushed or enhanced by a computer. I think it’s a beautiful story because he loves us women just as we are.

What are some interesting stories you’ve seen floating around the internet this week?

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