Stop Spreading Hate!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi Addresses Haters on Birth of Second Child

So sad reading people’s comments regarding the birth of my second child. Thank god I don’t take these people seriously calling me a whore, a piece of trash mother and a disgusting pig. Stop spreading hate in this world people. Learn to live a happier life and stop talking so negatively about one another! Praying for you!


A fabulous mother of two, Nicole

Meet Giovanna Marie LaValle!!!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Meet Giovanna Marie LaValle

Hi loves!

This is a very special episode of Naturally Nicole because I share details of my baby girl Giovanna Marie LaValle and our first few days at home! Mommy and baby are both healthy and doing well… but that doesn’t mean I’m not telling it like it really is – labor and all! Motherhood is just not sexy. Sore nipples, wearing depends, taking stool softeners & chugging prune juice. Bye girl! Listen to it all HERE!!!