Healthy Hits: Cauliflower Rice

Snooki - Healthy Hits Cauliflower Rice

I found the best recipe for our kids! ..or just for us!

So of course the Disney channel is always on at my house, and they do these cute and easy recipes with chef Helen Cavallo. I came across her cauliflower rice and had to try it! Lorenzo loves his veggies and I always cook him broccoli and cheese, but wanted to try something different. The cauliflower rice is a hit! He gets his veggies and eats it like a monster!….and so do I! Try it out and let me know what you think!

-Head of cauliflower
-grated up into small tiny pieces almost like rice
-half a cup of water
-dab of butter
-Parmesan cheese
-olive oil

Throw olive oil in a pan with the grites. Add water and stir. You can throw a dab of salt and butter in the mix, and when fluffy and soft, serve in a plate with Parmesan cheese! You can add more butter for a more creamy buttery taste, but I like to keep it healthy! Let me know hoe your little one & your tummy likes it!