What Is Going On With Amanda Bynes?

Snooki - Amanda Bynes gets another DUI in LA and is ENGAGED

Amanda Bynes just got pulled over again for drunk driving in LA and she was already on probation for a DUI. WE thought she was doing so good being in fashion school but she dropped out. So Amanda… girl, what’s going on?

She’s engaged now too apparently and he’s 19 years old. Do you think she lost it again? I hope not because I love her! How do we get her on the show? I don’t think she even has a publicist anymore. We have to go find her, kidnap her and bring her on the show. To me shes like a cartoon character… like a Betty Boop. I love her, we gotta find her and get her on naturally Nicole on spilling the tea. We love you Amanda, if you’re listening come on the show!

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My Heart Goes Out To Teresa and Joe…

Snooki - teresa and joe giudice court

Teresa and Joe Giudice are heading to prison and omg I’m really nervous for her. I’m a huge fan of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and just watching all the episodes and her thinking about going to prison and her daughter is crying and omg it’s freaking heartbreaking.

Sites are reporting that they’re also headed towards divorce, which is really really sad. I hope it’s not true. Teresa was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison and Joe received 41 months. I am so upset about this. I keep thinking it’s going to be like Orange Is The New Black for her. Can’t we have cameras follow her in jail? I would watch that show. Watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey breaks my heart to see her kids crying and they are so scared and upset. I feel so bad. It’s good that they are going at different times so they can take care of the kids. I feel awful. I love you Teresa and Joe and I wish you good luck.

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