Naturally Nicole: Snooki and JWoww Final Season

Hey lovebugs!!! Happy Tuesday!

On this episode of my podcast, I give the inside scoop on the final season of Snooki and JWoww.

As you all know this is the last season of Snooki and Jowww. It definitely sucks, it’s bittersweet. Me and Jenni have been filming together for ten seasons now with Jersey Shore and Snooki and Jwoww so we have been working with MTV for a while now, 5 or 6 years, so it’s bittersweet to say goodbye to everybody because we really don’t know our next move. Obviously it’s harder and more stressful to do the show with our kids and I’m not saying it wasn’t fun but we’re happy with what’s going on with MTV’s decision to make it the final season. It definitely sucks because we are saying goodbye to our show and we’re saying goodbye to you as fans, closing out the show. But don’t worry, this isn’t the last of me and Jenni. We’re still going to do more stuff! We’re just figuring out where we want to go as of right now. So make sure you tune in to watch the last season when it premieres November 5th on MTV!

Aside from being sad about my show ending, I also talk about my obsession with The Walking Dead, and my crazy fear of spiders!! …then Joey joins in for Spilling the Tea and we’ve got a lot of celeb stories to talk about so you don’t want to miss it!

Listen to everything HERE!

On Being Short…

So obviously you guys know that I’m short and all you girls can understand and agree about one thing which is that it’s so annoying when people point out the fact that we are short. Yeah I get it, we’re cute but seriously I hate when people are like “how tall are you? Oh you’re so short! OMG you’re so much shorter in person!” I’m like OMG I’m going to bite you, shut up.

My friends always used to make me sit and the middle aka the bitch seat in the car and say I was the only on who could fit. I’m like thanks. Who wants the middle seat, you’re squished! Sorry that I’m small, but I’m perfect. I do need a stepping stool because I can’t reach. Half of the cabinets in our house, I can’t reach so I bought a stepping stool for the house and Jionni uses it too. We’re a short family. I’m short because of gymnastics. Lorenzo and Giovanna don’t have a chance of being tall. We’re cute little things and can fit in small spaces, it’s just fun.

We were doing press for Jersey Shore and I ran up to Ron and Ron thought I was this crazy little girl fan and he was like where is your mother and then he saw that it was me and started dying laughing. Ron you’re an asshole you should know I’m short by now and number two I am not a little girl. I love my short friends because we get each other and understand.

Me and Jenni are the totally opposite when we come to appearances. Jenni is not that tall but I make her look tall. Shes 5’7 and im 4’9 so when we hang out and she puts on her hooker heels, which I call her stripper heels, I tell her “you look like a stripper today.” But she literally wears 8 inch heels when she hangs out with me and I’m like dude you’re already tall as it is. But with our hooker heels you’re literally a giraffe and I’m an ant so stop wearing your hooker heels around me.

Let’s just say good things come in small packages.

xoxo Love always,