Is Justin Timberlake Cheating!?

justin timberlake and jessica biel cheating scandal

So apparently there are rumors that Justin Timberlake has been caught cheating on Jessica Biel with his backup dancer and I don’t like this at all. First of all, I love Jessica Biel and you do not cheat on a classy woman like that. The scoop is they were in Paris and this backup dancer and him got cozy on tour. I hope Jessica Biel leaves his ass if this is true.

But to take JT’s side, sometimes pictures can be deceiving! It actually happened to me once! I was at a party and talking to someone really close and they took a picture saying I was kissing this guy right after me and Jionni got engaged and I’m like really!?… I’m just talking to this guy and having a conversation. So it could be that. If there was a divorce they are saying the settlement would be worth 300 million dollars. I really hope it’s not true because I’ll be pissed at Justin Timberlake!

Listen to me talk about it more and discuss other hot celeb stories:

My Next Tattoo…

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I really want to get a new tattoo. I have a few tattoos. A couple on my arms, back… I got a tramp stamp that was my first tattoo but whatever, I love it!

The next tattoo I’m thinking can go on my neck, but I want it to resemble my kids… so Lorenzo and my baby girl who will be arriving soon. I want to do something cute and I want to have four kids, 3 at the least, so it has to be something I can add on to. Every time I have a baby, I want to add to that tattoo. So I’m thinking cute little birdies on my neck with their initials. I’ve been searching online for inspiration and there are so many ideas but I want mine to still be original and meaningful and different. So I’m trying to think of some type of tattoo that’s unique but will resemble my children. It’s just something that you’re going to have forever and you’re always going to look at it and think OMG, I love my babies so much.

I don’t understand the people who look at mothers who have tattoos and say you are trashy or gross. It’s just a tattoo dude, lighten up. Tattoos are beautiful and it’s a personal choice. Some people don’t like tattoos, for others it’s a form of expression. To me it’s art, it’s beautiful, and my body is just a plain canvas that I can fill it up with as much tattoos or anything I want.

I need to know what to get because I want to have it soon! So if any of you have any ideas, or mommies who get tattoos of their babies, comment below!

For more on my next tattoo and my future babies, listen to this week’s podcast!!!