I Can’t Deal With Spiders…

Snooki - South American Goliath Birdeater Spider

We all know I’m scared of freaking spiders. They found a new species of a spider and it is literally the size of a freaking puppy. It’s huge! It’s bigger than a grown man’s foot and a grown man’s hand and it’s found in South America so now I will never go to South America! It’s beautiful and the rainforests are gorgeous and I’m sure it’s amazing to visit them but dude if I’m walking in the rainforest and I see a puppy sized spider I am out! I am out! That is absolutely not happening. I would rather gouge my eyeballs out than see that spider in person. I’m just not doing it. Eventually they could just come over here on a plane on a banana crate. The fact that they are real and the size of puppies… I CAN’T. The spider is called the South American Goliath Birdeater so clearly it eats birds! I can’t even look at it because I want to kill myself. A scientist was out there looking at the animals and heard noise in the rainforest and he turns around and it’s a damn huge hairy spider about to attack him. I give him a lot of credit and he must have huge huge balls literally to be in this rainforest with god knows what creations of creatures out there and of course he comes across this huge spider. I wish he never found it we never knew about it. The fact there is a spider the size of a puppy… In 20 years there could be a spider the size of an elephant and that’s when human life is just done, we’re all gonna die.

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Thank You For The Support!!

Hi booboos!

I wanted to thank all of you who came to Team Snooki Music’s Liver Cancer Benefit on October 16th and supported my Team Snooki Music family. As you know one of the artists on our team, Veronica Kole, was informed that her dad has been diagnosed with stage four liver cancer so she put together an event to celebrate her father and to help him through this difficult time.

Veronica headlined premiering her music video “Lose Your Love” and sang a special dedication to her father while he took front row right on stage. It was a very special performance and so great that all three Team Snooki Music artists, and our amazing team, came together that night. Money was raised from ticket sales and raffle tickets for Liver Cancer Research.

Over 20 acts got together and lit the stage up that night and there was not one dull moment. With amazing performers like Brenda K Starr, Jillian Jensen, special guests like Gina Marie Z and Cody Calafiore from Big Brother, and many more amazing and talented performers.

Special Thank You’s to iPlay America’s Event Center in Freehold NJ, Team Snooki Music, Chick Fill A Freehold, Photographers Andrew Foord Photography, Shannon Ruvelas Boyd, Daniel Santos, Documentary videographer Funkologist (Dave Stanley), videographer Intrepid Effects, By Nature Clothing, Paul Dante, Sam DeAngelis, All Akcess, JB Couture Cakes, The News Transcript, News 12 NJ, The WRAT Radio, 107.1 FUN, L.A Bling, Giorgio’s Jewlers, and all the amazing artists and performers that donated their time and the buisnesses that donated baskets.

Thank you to everyone who supported this amazing event and cause. Check out the pictures from the event in the gallery!

xoxo Love always,