Ariana Grande and Big Sean Are Official…

snooki - Ariana Grande and Big Sean are official

Ariana Grande is dating Big Sean. Now they are wearing matching chains so I feel like this is a high school relationship! It’s very cute. She’s 21, but the way she wears her hair makes her seem like she’s younger. She’s putting pictures on Instagram with different hair and OMG she’s so beautiful. So now it’s a more messy ½ up ½ down. She is probably the one who likes the hair signature she’s rocking, like how I had the poof and I never wanted to do anything different. So that’s her poof and now shes getting over it!

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Kanye West Does It Again…

Kanye West Yells at Wheelchair Bound Fan to Stand Up at Concert

At his concert he stopped his concert to yell a kid in a wheelchair to stand up. He was doing his show and said he couldn’t continue the show until everyone stands up unless you have a handicap pass. Then he spotted two people in the crowd and pointed to them and said you better get up and this guy picked up his fake leg and waved it in the air and Kanye West was like “ok, you fine.” He called out the only person who was handicapped in the place. Isn’t that awful?

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