Happy Halloween!!!

Just wanted to wish you all a happy Halloween!!! This one is extra special because it’s my baby Giovanna’s first Halloween! We decided to be the Ninja Turtles and I’m obsessed! Love my family so much! Hope you all have tons of fun today! XOXOXO

Love always,
Nicole, Jionni, Lorenzo and Giovanna

The Cooking Diaries: Honey Mustard Chicken

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Now that we are in the house we have this gorgeous kitchen with amazing appliances for cooking! Obviously I’m a mom and a wife and I want to be able to provide a yummy edible dinner for my family. It’s no secret that I don’t know how to cook, I mean I’m awful but I’m actually very very proud of myself because I’m learning to cook and I’m actually taking it seriously. It’s one of the healthy cookbooks so it doesn’t have a lot of calories in the dishes that they are telling me to make, which is good because I’m not trying to gain any weight here. I have a wedding and I need a dress to fit into. And obviously I want my kids to eat healthy so I got a healthy cookbook. I decided to try my first recipe and it was a honey mustard chicken and I had to make the honey mustard from scratch. It wasn’t the yellow honey mustard, it was brown because I used balsamic vinegar and it came out amazing!!! I cooked the chicken a little too long so it was kind of rubbery but it was edible and Jionni was so proud of me.

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