Updates On My Babies!!!

Snooki - updates on Meilani and lorenzo

My new baby is fabulous. I’m doing her newborn photos and then I’m going to put them on my website. But she has a gas problem and she’s constipated and I think it’s because she’s only having my breast milk and I’ve been eating a lot greens and broccoli lately. So I feel like that’s hurting her so I had to stop eating my greens. But I had to stick this little thing up her butt so she can poop. It was this little suppository and I felt really bad because she has this little butt-hole and I had to put it up her butt. I felt so bad, I’m like omg I’m putting something up your ass right now. It’s more wet what comes out.

Right now, my son is obsessed with the lion king and we literally watch the lion king like twenty times a day. He’s a nut.

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Lorenzo and Meilani’s First Play Date!

Lorenzo and Meilani had a play date today during our Snooki & Jwoww season 4 shoot!

OMG how adorable are these two together?! Lorenzo’s already protecting Meilani and I’m obsessed. They’re so going to be besties!!