Flashback Friday: Meeting Beyonce

Snooki - First time Meeting Beyonce - Reveals pregnant at mtv awards

So me and my Jersey Shore roomies meet Beyonce at an awards show and they invited us backstage! We were there and Beyonce came up to all of us with Jay-Z. It was the MTV awards where she announced she was pregnant and held her belly up an said “Hey I’m pregnant!” She came up to us and kissed us all on the cheek and said she loved the show. I mean who does that? Who would have thought that Beyonce would come up to use and tell us she is a big fan of the show and kiss us all on our cheeks. I swear I didn’t wash my face for a couple months, that’s how awesome it was. She was so sweet and Jay-Z was so sweet. The fact that she’s the shit and still down to earth and awesome makes her even more of the shit!!!

Hear about some of my other celeb encounters on this week’s podcast! xoxo