Meryl and Maksim Take Home The Mirror Ball Trophy!

Snooki - DWTS Season 18 meryl davis maksim chmerkovskiy win

Not gonna lie, haven’t tuned into DWTS this season only because I take a work out class at 7-9 every Monday night. But I did make sure to catch the season finale last nite and OMG. I loved how they showed all the memories of the contestants throughout the season so the people like me who don’t know what’s going on can catch up. But holy crap it was so long. I don’t think they needed that many hours, because let’s be honest, we were all watching to see who would win. The performances were great but I was literally screaming at my TV to see who the winner was. So so SO happy Meryl and Maksim won the trophy! I kind of met Maksim at DWTS when I was there, although he didn’t even look at me nor say hello, I think that’s just his personality but it came off pretty rude. Oh well his looks make up for it. Meryl was simply amazing this whole season (the parts that I caught) and she certainty deserved the trophy! Glad that Maksim finally got his mirror ball trophy! Celebrate kiddies, it’s a well deserved win!!!! Congrats!