My Second Pregnancy…Here We Go Again!!!!!

Snooki - Mommy Pillow Lorenzo

I am absolutely over the moon in love with my son and i can’t wait to have that feeling again with my new baby! When I found out i was pregnant i kind of freaked out….a lot, because there is so much i have going on this year with planning my wedding, moving into my dream house, lorenzo’s 2nd birthday, and on top of that having my second baby! Talk about a busy schedule! But everything is meant to be and everything always works out and I honestly couldn’t be happier! I’ve also always wanted to be pregnant the same time as Jenni (JWOWW) and now we can be pregnant besties! Even though she is a few months ahead of me, enduring this journey with my best friend is going to be pretty amazing!! Lorenzo is so excited to have a sibling, and jionni and I are so exciting to be expanding our family! It’s not gonna be an easy ride, but we are ready for it! Bring it on busiest year of my life!!!! I’m as ready as i’ll ever be to take on my second pregnancy, experience the crazy roller coaster ride again, but this time i’ve decided to have a FIT PREGNANCY. I’ve already been working out everyday and not indulging on every single craving that i have and i feel so much happier and full of energy unlike my first pregnancy. I can’t wait to experience this pregnancy differently and being fit and active will hopefully help me in labor this time. I don’t want to be in labor for 27 hours again!

Thank you all for your amazing comments & support! We are all so excited and I can’t wait to share another pregnancy journey with you! XOXOX Stay tuned! -Nicole <3