My Pregnancy Journal: Feeling Like A Bloated Whale

Snooki - Pregnancy Update Bloated Whale

So happy to be in the second trimester! But hate the feeling of still feeling bloated. I’m basically going to feel bloated the entire pregnancy, but I’d feel more comfortable showing than with this bump that looks like a beer gut. We find out the sex of our baby soon and I can’t wait! I honestly don’t know what we are having, because I feel great. I feel so good that sometimes I question whether I’m really pregnant. I’m loving working out this time around!!! The only thing that sucks is running isn’t as fun anymore. My boobs are so sore and literally slap me in the face, and I have to stop running just to go pee every 10 minutes. Messes up my cardio mojo! I feel the baby a lot more at night. I remember during my first pregnancy I read that when you’re awake and active during the day, your baby sleeps, mostly because of the rocking motion. But when you’re relaxin and it’s time for you to sleep that’s when the baby parties in your belly! Knowing what the baby feels like when he/she moves, I can already feel things! I love it. What I don’t love is waking up to pee 5x a night. I hardly get a good sleep. One, from peeing all night. And two, getting kicked in the face by my soon to be two year old. The joys of motherhood. Can’t wait to find out what we are having! Help us with names! We honestly have no ideas for any names, and I’m looking for something original like Lorenzo. Something Italian, and beautiful. Help a Sista out! Until next time…xoxo