Mommy Blog: My Toddler’s Hot Mess, Literally!

Snooki - Mommy Blog on Lorenzo Becoming Independent

Lorenzo’s personality is growing every single day. Every day he’s more wiser, more smarter….and more of a wise ass, just like his daddy. (And that’s why I love him!) Lorenzo and I have this adorable routine at night where we sit on the couch together and watch cartoons until he falls asleep. But like a typical guy, he needs to have his “apple juice” in one hand and snacks in the other. If he doesn’t have enough, he’ll walk to the snack draw, get the crackers and refill his bowl himself. I guess it’s refreshing that he’s becoming more independent so then I have time to sit down more, but it’s also bad because he can literally get into everything…..meaning me chasing him all day long. We also have a dance party every day and the smiles and laughter that brings to his face literally makes my day. He’s my best friend and he’s not even 2 years old yet. We are both goof balls and literally understand each other. Might sound weird, but who cares. I love my son. And I would tear a bit as I write this, because I’m a pregnant hormonal mess. Ending on a funny note, the other night Lorenzo decided to take his diaper off through his onesie pajamas and walked around peeing himself for a good couple minutes while I was washing dishes. Once I noticed what happened, he was already drenched and walking around like there was a stick between his legs. LOVE MY BABY.

Love, “mom mom mom mom mom” aka Nicole