BREAKING NEWS: You Can Still Workout While Pregnant

Snooki - Working out during first trimester with second pregnancy

So happy to let everyone in on our exciting news! And news flash: you can still work out while pregnant! The first trimester, woman are allowed to do everything they’ve been doing in the gym. So hell yea I’ve been getting my last rounds of flipping tires and hardcore weight training. Now that the second trimester has started, YOU CAN STILL WORK OUT. Just have to change your routine a little bit to be safe for you and your child. Thanks to my fabulous trainer Anthony Michael he has been training me safely. Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m going to lose all this muscle I’ve worked hard for. Unlike my last pregnancy I’m going to be active, workout and be happy! I’m excited to see if working out really helps with labor, because I refuse to be in labor again for 27 hours! Talk about suspense. I also want to be in some what good shape for my wedding. Having my second child and getting married are very close to each other, so no time to be lazy! I’ve got a lot coming up this year and I want to look and feel my best! So bring it on pregnancy, I’m ready for you this time!

Also I’m very excited to announce I will be doing work out Wednesdays PREGNANT edition for my pregnant ladies out there! Xoxox