What’s In My Diaper Bag!

So here’s my fabulous and handy diaper bag! Nothing designer or fancy, just a sturdy, durable diaper bag I bought at Babies R Us. I’m dying to buy myself a nice Burberry diaper bag, but the price on that bag makes my skin crawl, so for now this is it. It’s huge, has multiple compartments, and gets the job done!

I’m usually stocked with supplies and goodies in my bag, but I haven’t refilled in a few months. So here it is…

My first compartment is basically my mommy must haves. I need gum, cause I feel like my breath always smells. I have two kinds of hand sanitizer- one for Lorenzo with non alcohol and one for me! Then of course a tide stick, cause I never know what kind of mess I’ll get on myself from Lorenzo. And last is my Snooki sunglasses- since I never wear eyelashes and eyeliner anymore, I need to hide my ugliness.

Here’s the inside of the bag. Huge. And needed.

My second compartment is filled with baby must haves! I ALWAYS carry with me a small container of Lorenzo’s snacks! You never know when that random moment comes when he’s screaming for a cracker in the middle of the store or church. My next must have is a zip up of ointments that always come in handy! (I’ll explain more in another picture). Then I have Lorenzo’s teething toys along with face wipes cause you always need face wipes. Then of course diaper cream and ointment for his coolie!

I always like to carry an extra set of lorenzo’s Tooth brush. One because he sometimes eats chocolate (maybe thats why he’s off the walls lately) and i like to brush his widdle teeth after. Two, he’s obsessed with brushing his teeth and if he starts to throw a temper, ill just throw him the toothbrush and were good. Balmex- Balmex literally saves my life sometimes. Lorenzo did have eczema as a baby and sometimes gets rough rashes on his elbows and legs, so i love to lube him up in balmex and it usually does the trick. Plus it smells fresh. I love a fresh smelling baby.

Sun screen pouch- ALWAYS carry my sun screen ! Even in the middle of winter, i’m that paranoid mom that if we are out in the sun all day in the winter, ill put some sun screen on his cheeks. I’m always stocked up for the summer and i always have other moms asking me for my sunblock. That’s awesome.

Last but not least, what I need for myself just to live. Lipstick and my favorite lotion from my line. Does wonders just to put on a lip and smell decent and have soft skin. That’s all I need to look presentable throughout my mommy days.