Mommy Blog: Using Organic Products

Snooki - Mommy Blog on Using Organic Baby Products

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the benefits of using organic products, free of chlorine and toxins. I never pictured myself to be a paranoid mom, but reading all the stuff out there on baby products can really make your head spin. I know a lot of mothers have their own opinions, but reading what I read, true or not, I couldn’t risk using the products I was using on my baby knowing what I knew.

I’ve stopped using a lot of Lorenzo’s foods and snacks, and have tried to make everything fresh for him. I know sometimes it can be hard to always make fresh things, but it really is the healthiest for my baby. I also switched his diapers to Honest diapers. I LOVE them. Not only are they so adorable with their designs and patterns, but Lorenzo hasn’t had a major diaper rash since! I also switched all his baby products & bath soaps to organic and have had no complaints!

I know this is a touchy subject with the mom community, but we are doing great on organic products and I will continue to get the best things I think are safe for my baby! XOXO, MUAH!

Love always,