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Hi my loves! Time for another mommy blog!

I’m having some trouble, as any new mother does. Lorenzo doesn’t listen… ever. I mean, when we tell him to go get his books or clean up, he does. But he doesn’t listen when we need him to listen. And that’s when we’re telling him “NO” or “STOP!” Usually its because he’s throwing food, pinching and smacking his cousins, or just climbing on tables and waiting to break a bone.

It seems like he understands he’s doing something wrong, but when we say no, he keeps doing it out of spite. Can my one year old be that smart?! I swear he gives us this look like “I know I’m not suppose to be doing this, but I’m going to anyway.” Every time we yell at him he just ends up cracking up and you can’t help put kiss him and tell him what a little wise ass he is. Maybe that’s the problem. We give in too easily. I honestly can’t help it though, he’s so cute.

Moms, your input is much appreciated!!