Mommy Blog: Cleaning With My Son

Snooki - Mommy Blog On Teaching Baby to Clean Up Chores

Cleaning with a toddler can seriously be impossible. Luckily Lorenzo LOVES to clean up spilled milk, gets the rag off the table and gets to work. But when it comes time for mommy to clean, like fold laundry, it’s a DISASTER! So what I try to do with my son is make everything a game. We play games getting the hangers, and try to keep him occupied with those so I can fold. If Lorenzo isn’t occupied and he sees me folding, all the clothes will fly in the air like a tornado. It’s honestly best to do laundry when your baby takes a nap, but sometimes I want him to see me doing the things he will one day do as chores. I feel like as long as we make cleaning up fun, they won’t mind it. Until they’re 16 and tell us to F off LOL. Till then, good luck mommies with cleaning and your little ones! Leave your tips and stories! I love hearing other moms !! Xoxoxo

Love, Nicole