Kardashian Kids at Babies”R”Us…

Snooki - Kardashian Kids for Babies r Us

Moms, what do we think about the new Kardashian Kids collection?

I always LOVE seeing new baby brands come out. No matter how many options their are out there for our babies, I feel like we can never have enough. Reading that the Kardashian’s launched their new business Kardashian Kids, a cute clothing line for babies, I HAD to check it out. They are now selling at Babies”R”Us and I was so excited to see all the cute animal print tops, onsies and cute tutus. But “dolls”, WHERE’S THE BOYS STUFF?! This is what I hate about kid’s clothes – there’s always a HUGE selection for girls, and then once you get to the boys, it’s a quarter of that.

Being a mother of an adorable little boy who I want to dress stylish and chic, it’s hard! I know you feel my struggle moms! I would love to see more boys options, so Kardashian Kids, let’s see some boys clothes!!!! Or maybe Lorenzo will just make his own. xoxo, muah!

Love always,