Joan Rivers Commenting on Lena’s Weight

Snooki - Joan Rivers Slams Lena Dunham Weight on Howard Stern

SHOCKER! Joan rivers saying something mean? I apologize for her Lena!

We all know Ill never understand Joan Rivers “comedy”…I understand when she’s trying to be funny, but at the expense of making fun of other people is just so tacky. Joan was on the Howard Stern show talking about Lena Dunham, how fantastic she is, BUT how her weight is sending a bad message to society. She thinks Lena’s weight is reassuring people that’s it’s “okay to be fat” and “go get diabetes. Everybody die.” REALLY. We get how honest Joan can be but holy shit, have some respect. Half the women in America are Lena’s weight and quite healthy. I was there, I was heavier , didn’t have diabetes, and felt sexy as a bigger woman. I didn’t have health issues and I felt great. Lena is no way , to me, obese to where her health is at risk. LENA I think you’re GREAT and I’m sorry we have to deal with Joan Rivers rude and crude commentary. Stay you and stay fabulous. ❤❤❤