Jessica Simpson Looks Sexy In Her Daisy Dukes!!!

Snooki - jessica simpson daisy dukes after giving birth

UM has anyone else seen Jessica in her daisy dukes?!?!?!?! This brings me back to when Jessica was in her music video dancing all sexy and getting wet with soap on the car, and that was amazing. But i have to admit i am LOVING this daisy dukes side of her better. She doesn’t look too skinny, and she literally is perfection when it comes to losing all the baby weight and being a healthy for herself and for her kids. I can completely relate to her and understand how hard it is to get back to where you want to be, and she looks PHENOMENAL! SO PROUD of you Jessica! Keep it up! We should totally work out together, have play dates, and maybe you can give me all of your Jessica Simpson shoes. Thanks girl!