Leonardo DiCaprio - Didn't Win an Oscar Again

OMG I am dying at this BuzzFeed article of Leo not winning an Oscar for another year. I have been a fan of Leo since I first saw his cuteness on Romeo and Juliet. I had the pleasure of meeting Leo in a nightclub the first year Jersey Shore came out and I literally had no words. Minus the fact that i was piss drunk, I will always remember that moment and remember how genuine and cool he was. I have been pulling for Leo to win an Oscar since he started and I DONT GET WHY ITS NOT HAPPENING. The Wolf of Wall Street was a PHENOMENAL movie and I was for sure he was going to win an oscar for his insanely well played role. Leo, there must be some sort of conspiracy because I don’t get it. But I will make you an Oscar to take home with my arts and crafts I have here, because you deserve one. Actually you deserve about 10, but I can probably only make one. We all love you Leo, and just remember, you always have a fan in me and that’s all that matters!

Love Your #1 Fan,