Snooki - Lindsay Lohan docu-series on OWN First look
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Anyone else DYING to see her docu-series?!?!?!?!!?

Omg this sneak peek literally gave me chills. I have been a fan of Lindsay since she started showing her cute little freckle face on our screens. She has had her ups and downs, we all have, and I know in my heart that she’s going to snap out of it and become the amazing Lindsay we all know she can be. I WANT her to be my favorite actress again and I want to obsess over her more! Her fans are ROOTING for her to make a come back and she should tell everyone else who doesn’t want to see her succeed to F off. I get that she has some challenges she has to overcome, but that isn’t easy with paparazzi hounding her day and night and the media scrutinizing her on EVERYTHING she does. I think this docu-series with OWN is the start to her comeback, and for the world to really see what goes on in her life. Lindz, I’m rooting for ya girl and I’m here for you if you ever need a friend. No seriously, call me.

Love always,