Thanks for Commenting on TANuary!

Snooki - Thank you tanuary

Yesterday was the last day of TAN-uary! You guys really brought it with your comments! Reading all your comments made me want to give you all some tanning products! Remember, you can still get my tanning products at professional indoor tanning salons everywhere! Visit to find a salon near you! The winner is Chelsea:

I think u should pick me to win ur tanning products because I am a single mother trying to do it on my own and I can not just afford to order your products but I’m dying to try them! You are my idol cuz like myself you also are a young mom and a great one too. I love your show but since I had my little one I haVe not watched it cuz cable is no longer a priority my daughter is more than the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I just hope you pick me to win this contest!

The rest of you will all have more chances to win stuff! You can win my amazing perfume by entering my Fan Fridays contest HERE! Muah!