Tanuary Day 5!!!

Snooki - Tanuary Day 5

Hey lovers!

It’s that time again to announce the new TAN-uary winner and share the latest photo for you guys to comment on! The winner of Day 4 is Mylene! I literally LOL’d when I read this!

I made this poem for snooki to win her contest My momma didn’t raise no fool
She raised someone cool
I may curse like a sailor
And think I’m Buffy the vampire slayer
I may get drunk and crazy
Hey maybe sometimes be even a little lazy
I’m a great mom and soon to be wife
Even if people hate on my life
The most important thing she taught me is to be myself
So don’t change for no one and be yourself

You guys are so funny! Remember to put in a real email address when writing your caption on my site, that’s the only way I can contact you if you win the contest for that day! :) There are still more chances to win so keep on trying! Also make sure to check out my products sold exclusively at professional indoor tanning salons everywhere! Visit supretan.com to find a salon near you!

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