Tanuary Day 2!!!

Snooki - Tanuary Day 2
Tanuary Day 1!!
Snooki - Tanuary Day 1 Caption to win
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Hi guys!

I loved all the captions you guys came up with yesterday, but my favorite caption had to be from Princess Jennifer!

“Tamed cheetah curls ”
“Fabulous fierce fun”
“Gold anchored glam”
“Shit just got real , glamorous”
“January fabulous glam”

I love your turtleneck style with highwaistedbathingsuit
Pants. I have curves and a really built body and your outfits
For someone so slim now help give me ideas for outfits.
I follow your Facebook & Instagram , your styles really fun.

Make sure you check your email for information on how to claim your prize! For the rest of you, there are ten more days to win some of my amazing blinged out tanning products, sold exclusively at professional indoor tanning salons everywhere. Make sure you visit supretan.com to find a salon near you!

Can’t wait to read all your comments on this NEW pic and choose my favorite winner tomorrow! XOXO