TAN-uary Day 3!!!

Snooki - Tanuary Day 3

It’s time for Day 3 of TAN-uary! Just because it’s January doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a hot tan glow about you! In fact, it should mean you are using my fav tan products even more! I loved all of your captions for the last photo but my favorite definitely had to be from Celeste!

Glitzy & Glamorous
Slim, Sexy & Sassy
Fired up and Fierce
Growing & gorgeous
Purple and Powerful

It’s Tanuary, so go get your tan on in time for Fierce Febuary :)

Make sure you check your email for information on how to claim your prize! Remember my products are sold exclusively at professional indoor tanning salons everywhere. Make sure you visit supretan.com to find a salon near you!

Now start commenting with some funny comments for me to read! XOXO