Finding My BFF Joey A Boyfriend!

Snooki - Find Joey a Boyfriend
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Hey guys!!

I am here with my amazing friend Joey. It’s a new year and Valentine’s Day is coming up and Joey needs a lover! We need to find the perfect one for him. So I was thinking we can find an amazing guy for him! If you think this hunk of a man is sexy, leave a comment and then we are going to set it up! We’ll do a nice date, go out to dinner and enjoy ourselves.

You have to have at least 3 of the following B’s to get with him!
1. Big
2. Beefy
3. Blonde
4. Belly
5. Beard
6. Bubble Butt
7. Buzz Cut
8. Big Dick
9. Bottom
10. Blue Eyes
11. Baby Face
12. bedankadunk

He wants someone family oriented, who loves his friends and can deal with his craziness. Someone who likes to drink and has to be monogamous! Just make him laugh and be funny and hot! Southern boys are his favorite! Watch the video to learn more about him! To win a date with my BFF, just tell us why you think you would be the perfect match for my boy. Use the hashtag #FindJoeyLove and send us a video on Twitter, FB, and Instagram! You can also just comment below!!! I can’t wait to find my boo a MAN!!!