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Hello dancers!!

This week on the show is the “Most Memorable Year” Week, meaning all of us dancers are dancing to songs that resemble our best year. I’ve decided to pick my most memorable year in 2012, when I gave birth to my beautiful son Lorenzo.

I don’t want to give away too much about how important my son is to me, because they are putting together a great package for the audience, but it’s obvious that my son and fiancé mean THE WORLD to me. I cannot wait to express my feelings and excitement in this week’s dance!

We are dancing to Britney Spears’s “Work B–h”, it’s a celebration of me being a mother, a woman, a new person, and working seven days a week to provide a great life for my family!

We are dancing jazz, but it’s more a modern hip hop type jazz, and I found it very easy to learn these moves!

I have to say this is my favorite dance so far and I can’t wait to kill it on the dance floor with my amazing partner/teacher/friend Sasha!

This week, I’m dancing for all the moms out there that are hard workers, multi-taskers and wonder women who would do anything for their family! We rule! So “Work B–h” ;)

Don’t forget to tune into our Most Memorable Year tonight on ABC at 8/7C! Our number is 1800-868-3412 and you can vote online here! Vote for your favorite couple!!!

Till next dance … love ya! XOXO

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