My Fashion Headphones Are Now Available!!

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Where my music lovers at??? Hopefully that’s all my babyboos!!

I listen to music ALL the time, but I don’t ever see any fab and fierce headphones out there, so I wanted to create my own!!!

With these, you can listen to your music and look super cute at the same time!!

The best thing about them is if you’re at a gym or something, and don’t want too much going on, you can easily detach the headband and then you’ll just have regular headphones!

I also have a line of earbuds, which are just as fab!! My leopard earbuds are super simple, but they add a pop of fun! If you want to be even more stylish, I also have earbuds that look like earrings!

You just have to check them out!! They’re now available at Walgreen’s, I promise you’ll love them!!! MUAH