DWTS Week 7: Each Week Gets Harder and Harder!

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Hello, dancers! Welcome to week seven of Dancing with the Stars!

This week we all had to learn two dances, our solo and our group numbers. My partner Sasha and I are dancing the samba and it’s all about moving the hips and pointing your toes.

It was a little rough for us because we flew back to Jersey on the redeye right after the show on Monday. I had to do a lot of press for my show Snooki & JWOWW this week and we rehearsed from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. every night. By the time it was time to dance, my body was dead.

Each week just keeps getting harder and harder, but with each week I feel Sasha and I trying even harder and we definitely aren’t ready to leave the competition yet.

I’m so excited for our group number! We are the “Spooky Bom Boms.” (We’re competing with Val and Elizabeth, Emma and Bill and Tony and Leah). I feel like our group is different from the other group because we all are goof balls. We are all here to have the best time out of this experience and were ready to dance.

Can’t wait for the show! We’ve all been working very hard this week so we hope our audience enjoys every minute of Monday night’s episode!

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