Tuesday Trainer Q & A

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Ab Workout

Hey guys! This week’s trainer question comes from Heather! She asks, “What are the best foods to speed your metabolism and what is the best exercise to get rid of belly fat in a hurry?”

Anthony answers, “‘Belly fat’ is simply adipose tissue, deposited in the abdominal region. The condition is more often than not due to genetics. Abdominal fat in females has been determined to be a contributing factor in heart disease in women, so make the pursuit of health your prime directive if you have this predisposition. All fat is burned on an “as needed” basis. Like gas in a fuel tank, where each liter of fuel burned at any given time can neither be dictated nor defined. The texture of the abdominal region tends to suffer due to the absence of good muscle tone. Usually the lower abdominal area is the culprit. Most trainees work the upper abs first. This is not the most elegant approach as the upper abs assist the lower. So working the upper abs before the lower is analogous to working triceps before chest. Or biceps before back. I’ve found working the lower abs first, followed with some intercostal work and then followed up with upper abs is far more effective. Try a tri-set of leg raises (for the lower abs) followed by twisting crunches (for the obliques/intercostals) and crunches with the knees raised for upper abs. Combining the exercises in this manner will keep the heart rate in a fat burning zone for a longer period of time, leading to more fat loss per session.

Foods that “speed up the metabolism” are foods that have what’s called a “negative calorie effect.” What this implies is that the food actually contains fewer calories that the body used to process it. Raw green veggies tend to have this characteristic. Also, it’s important to note that caffeine mobilizes fatty acids. Strategically timing your ingestion of that robust cup of coffee so that its consumed 30-45 minutes prior to working out, will give you energy and focus at the expense of unwanted Body fat.