Did You Know?

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Did You Know?

Hey guys! Every week starting today, I am going to feature a fun fact about me that most people don’t know!

This week, I want to share that I LOVE everything Sci-Fi! If you ask my best friends, they’ll tell you how obsessed I am with anything to do with Sci-Fi. My favorite tv show of all time, Roswell, is about 4 aliens in human bodies trying to find their way home. I am BEYOND obsessed and watch the seasons at least five times a year.

I also love reading about weird shit- Zombies, Aliens, Ghosts, Vampires, you name it! I recently just got done reading World War Z and it was AMAZING. The thing about these kinds of books is that I can visually see whats going on in my imagination, which makes them fun to read! But ask me to read a book about history and I’m out.