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I’m clearly obsessed with clothes & everything that has to deal with fashion & style! Although many of you think I’m a name designer shopper, I’m honestly one of the best bargain shoppers out there! Here is a list of my favorite stories that I get my swag at & basically where all my clothes in my closet come from! My FAV discount store! They have all the styles you can think of at an affordable price! Their jeans are amazing!!! LOVE this store. Totally chic and grunge at the same time. They have the best outfits to rock for any occasion. – Everything on this site is $15. HELLO you can’t go wrong. And it’s good quality too, awesome bargain! – great dresses- club & classy wear!! Great summer dresses!! They have the cutest sun dresses!!

Here are the rest of my FAV sites to shop at!

GET YOUR SHOPPING ON LADIES! And STAY TUNED for my clothing line Snooki