Happy Father’s Day!!!

Giving Birth to Lorenzo!
Nicole Snooki Polizzi and Jionni LaValle at St. Barnabas Hospital
The episode where I give birth to my precious baby boy! Read More »

Happy Father’s Day to the two best people I know!!!

Happy first Father’s Day to my AMAZING fiancé Jionni. He is my best friend that I can tell anything to, and he’s also the love of my life that I cannot wait to marry and have more babies with! He is the best father to Lorenzo and I couldn’t be more happier and proud of him.

Also want to wish my dad a happy Father’s Day!! I put my father through a lot growing up and he’s also had to deal with my shenanigans on TV, but no matter what he’s always loved me and supported me, and for that he’s an AMAZING father to me! This is also his first Father’s Day as a grandpa! Get used to it dad, cause I want 3 more nuggets!!