Walk in Mom’s Shoes…

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Slippers Promotion for Mothers day
Love My Boots!
Nicole Snooki Polizzi Gangsta and Comfy Boots
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More chances to spoil your mom and even yourself for Mother’s Day! Slippers are such a fun gift to give because you can be so comfy and cute at the same time! If you buy one you will get the second one 50% off so you can enjoy a special something for yourself too! Just use the promo code RGT-435!

There are so many fun options to chose from! My leopard print slippers are my classic signature slippers! My zebra print ones channel my Jersey girl style. My pink sequin ones are so fun and sparkly! You definitely can’t go wrong with my Crocodilly GREEN slippers or neon purple leopard slippers! And if you really want an eye-catching look go for my Silver sequin slippers that are made from a super shiny metallic silver material! LOVE all my slippers so much and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!