Snooki, Shades, & Sweden!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Sunglasses Line Expanding to Sweden
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My Favorite Shades...
Nicole Snooki Polizzi - My Fav Shades From My Line
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So excited to announce that I am teaming up with NYS Collection to take my sunglass line global!!!

So all of you in other countries get excited to get a hot new pair of my shades! They will be sold at the Emporia Mall in Malmo, Sweden! It’s the largest mall in Scandinavia. So amazing!!! You can also expect them soon in Brazil, Australia and Colombia over the next few months.

To celebrate this amazing news, you can buy six pairs of Snooki sunglasses and get six pairs free! Two new styles per month will be released from now through September or receive all 12 pairs now for 50% off before the whole line is available to the public. Go online HERE to shop the fab looks!

HAPPY SHOPPING!!! P.S. tweet me a picture of yourself with my shades and use the hashtag #SnookiShadesOn to be featured in an upcoming blog post!! Can’t wait to see the pics! XOXO Love always, Nicole.