Extending my Babies in Shades Contest!

Amazing news!! The Babies in Shades contest has been such a hit that we’re extending the contest! Now you can vote for ALL the entries on Facebook and the top 20 will be announced on May 21st! On that day you can come to my site and vote for your top five. Then on May 24th the top five will be posted for voting! I love all the pictures I’ve seen of all your little nuggets wearing sunglasses, so I know it’s going to be soooo difficult to vote on your top ten and then you’re top five! I wish I could give you all the Enzo’s collection! But don’t worry, you can buy them online at snookibynicolepolizzi.com or wait until they are in stores soon so that your little babies can have their summer shades just in time for sitting poolside during summertime! LOL!

Check out these pics of some of the entries from the contest and of my baby, Lorenzo, rocking the Enzo collection!! Toooo cuteee!!! Good luck everybody!!! XOXO


Love always,