Beauty Time Tuesday: Skin Care

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So after all that makeup is caked on your face, at the end of the day you need to take care of your skin! I have tried so many products for my face, and these seem to work the best for me when it comes to smooth, soft, clear skin! So to wipe the makeup off, I use the CVS brand cleansing towelettes! These seem to work the best and don’t irritate my eyes, but I’d also recommend the MAC towelettes as well. Then for a nice face wash I love to use Aveeno’s daily cleansing pads! This takes all the extra dirt and makeup off my face and leaves my face feeling clear and clean!

Then comes moisturizing time which I feel is essential to having clear and soft skin always. I love Bliss’ moisturizing cream and Moor’s renewal cream! Both smell fresh and clean and leave your face smooth and moisturized. Then for a quick sprit of freshness, I spray MACS skin refresher spray! This works great on makeup, but I LOVE this on my clear bare skin before I go to bed! Tell me what you think and what your favorite products are to maintains a healthy, clear face! Xoxoxo

Love always,