Backstage Pass: Team Snooki Music Party!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Team Snooki Music Backstage Pass
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Hey loves!!

I want you guys to be able to have an exclusive backstage pass into all my events because I want it to be like you were there with me at my party! I love you guys so much and I want to be able to share the important things that are happening in my life as they happen! I want to share with you this new project I am taking on!

On Wednesday night I was at Bounce Sporting Club where I introduced the Team Snooki Music brand the music and my artists. Through my social networking, my twitter, my followers, and my fans, I am trying to get their names out there because they are amazing and they should be! FromĀ  B-Capp to Veronica Kole to AdELA my artists are so unique and talented! Check out the video to learn more about my fab artists! xoxo <3