My ‘Real World’ Past!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi The Real World
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The Final Episode
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Episode 1 of Season 2
Nicole Snooki Polizzi Lorenzo LaValle JWOWW
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Before I was cast for MTV’s Jersey Shore, I considered auditioning for The Real World. I was a huge fan and I still am and that’s made me want to be on reality TV actually! So I’ve always wanted to be on Real World, which is funny. I think it was my first year in college, I was like screw school I don’t like this, I’m bored, I want to be on TV! I always wanted to do reality. I made a Real World tape, and it was kinda lame…I actually watched it two months ago and it was so boring. But then I saw an audition for Guidos and I was like oh that’s me!!

Watch the video above to see who my Real World idol was and who made me want to be on reality TV!