Fitness Friday with Kaskade

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Nicole Snooki Polizzi Kaskade 4am

Last week I told you that every week I’m going to post my favorite songs from my pandora stations that make my cardio FUN to help motivate you guys who are trying to get fit like me!

I’ve decided I’m going to start off with Kaskade radio: Kaskade – 4AM.

Listen while you read:

Now this isn’t your typical rage workout track, but for me it works. In a weird way. I have a big imagination if you haven’t noticed. So for this particular Kaskade track, I pretend I’m running up a hill in a workout scene of a love movie. I’m the girl in love with Prince Charming, working out to a love song , with my hair flowing in the wind in a sexy bebe track suit… If that doesn’t spell weirdo, I don’t know what does. This is how I get through my cardio. Playing pretend, or house as I call it, in my head.

Is anyone else a weirdo like me?! How do you get through your cardio sessions?!