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Nicole Snooki Polizzi Platform Heels Cheap vs Expensive
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So you guys all know how much I love my shoes but did you know my amazingly fashionable shoes aren’t that expensive? I am probably one of the best bargain shoppers out there and while I do love my Jeffrey Campbells, all my shoes are under $100! So I decided I would show you my expensive shoes vs. the cheap ones! You wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference and you still look fiercely fabulous!

In this picture, the top one shows my “expensive” Jeffrey Campbell platform heel booties. Leopard & studs, AMAZING! But now look at the bottom picture! Those are my “cheap” platform heel booties! Spikes, Spikes, Spikes! LOVE! These are under $100 I got from Amazon! The brands are Vintage and Shoe Republica LA!

As you can see you can still work it and look PHENOMENAL without spending lots of money!  XOXO <3