Closet Talk: In My Shoes

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Nicole Snooki Polizzi Closet Talk Shoes

Hi guys!

I want to share with you guys one of my favorite things… what’s in my closet.
The CLOSET QUOTE that I LIVE by:”I like my money right where I can see it..Hanging in my Closet.”- Carrie Bradshaw

Every week I will talk about a new piece or fashion category. Let’s start with SHOES! Shoes are basically the love of every girl’s life. Some people say diamonds are a girl’s best friend…Well not this girl. Shoes are a girl’s best friend! No matter how bad of a day I’m having, when I know I’m rocking good shoes, it ALWAYS puts me in a good mood! For me, being a 4’9 girl, I LOVE wearing high high heels. I’m talking platform heels , 5 inches and higher! Sometimes I twist my ankle, but hey, beauty is pain ladies! LOL! I love my Jeffrey’s, Senso’s, Wild Pair’s, and Luichinys, but I have to say my best shoes are the shoes that are under $100. I get a majority of my shoes from Charlotte Russe! So for all you girls out there that are a SIZE 5 like me, Charlotte is the place to go! I also find a lot of my shoes on Amazon! Great deals on Amazon always! Everyone always says its so hard to find shoes in a size 5…Ladies, you need to Google. I find a bunch of amazing heels for my smurf feet.

So the one thing I did want to show you guys, was my expensive shoes ($100-$300) compared to the cheap shoes ($20-80)! Not much of a difference, and you STILL look phenomenal, at a cheaper price! Work, Work, Work!! Come back every week and I’ll show you the expensive vs. the cheap and some of my favorite shoes in my closet!!