Last Day of TAN-uary!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi Last Day of Tanuary
TAN-uary Day 8
Nicole Snooki Polizzi Tanuary Day 8
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Kissys to my Lovies!
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Ahhh! I can’t believe TAN-uary is almost over! This is the last day you can enter to win my tanning products so that your skin glows and looks fresh even during the coldest time of the season. My favorite comment from yesterday was from Kayla:

Want a Snooki tan and to look fabulous try my tanning lotion! Happy TANuary! Please pick me. I am so pale and have three children and stay at home mom and I never have time to go tanning or just to lay out side and tan, it’s to pricey for me and I’d rather spend my money on my kids and plus I live in pa it’s only hot and out for the summer!

Make sure to check your email for details on how to get your prize. For the last TAN-uary, I want you to tell me why I should pick you as the final winner! Comment on this post with your response. Don’t worry if you don’t win because I will have more HUGE contests in February! Love you all! Thanks for supporting me and being amazing! xo