Get My Hair Look!

I know a lot of you have been asking about my hair, what extensions I use, what products I use, etc., so here are my hair tips to make your hair silky and shiny ALWAYS just like mine. Remember, I am NOT a professional hair stylist, these are MY favorite products and basically my own opinions. First off, I have to give a shout out to my amazing hair stylist Bradley Moreland at Gemini 14 who is amazing at what he does and always makes me feel beautiful!

Click on this gallery to see the products I use and the steps I take to make my hair look and feel amazing!

1. For my red hair, I use Goldwell Color on the top, and then for fullness and thickness, I use… click HERE to find out!

2. Now along with keeping up with the amazing weave, you have to maintain it A LOT! If you don’t take good care of your extensions, they can get frizzy, knotty and hay like. So to prevent that, I LOVE to shampoo and conditioner with… click HERE to find out!

3. After washing my hair, my hair is always knotty and so hard to comb out…until I discovered the… click HERE to find out!

4. When my hair is still wet, I put A LOT of product in it to make it smooth and silky. First I use… click HERE to find out!

5. Then to make my hair feel silky and shiny I use… click HERE to find out!

6. This is when I blow dry my hair to feel silky and smooth. I usually end up curling my hair 90% of the time, so with that I put… click HERE to find out!

7. The icing on the cake is… click HERE to find out!

8. I usually use any hairspray that smells good. I’m not picky when it comes to hair sprays!

9. Then when you feel like your hair is a little nappy or getting greasy or dirty and have no time to wash, I love to use… click HERE to find out!

10. If your hair starts to smell like hair (HATE THAT SMELL) , I spray… click HERE to find out!

Hope this helped some of you guys who were asking questions! Trust me, all of these products are a godsend! Some may be expensive, BUT trust me, they are worth it! Don’t forget to write me feedback when you try the products!

Love you! XOXO