Turning 27 and What I Did On The Big Day!

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Turning 27 Birthday Celebration

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend! I am 27 years old WOOHOO! That was so sarcastic. I am getting old! I definitely feel older than I am just because I have two kids and they drain me out, but 27 isn’t so bad! but dude I’m almost 30 and no offense to the 30-year-olds out there but every year you get older it’s just like OMG this is scary… but it is what it is. I had a good birthday but it was definitely different from my past birthday where I go out and drink and get crazy. On my birthday this year I cleaned my car. I cleaned all of Lorenzo’s throw-up everywhere, all his gross chips off the ground and picked up all the toys. So basically I just had some family over and hung out with the kids, cleaned my car, and then did three loads of laundry and that was the extent of it. I celebrated my birthday good with my bachelorette party, my rehearsal dinner and just basically relaxing and being with my friends and family. That’s all I could ask for and that’s all that I needed!

Special thanks to @wowsnooki for this super cute collage!

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Our Christmas Card…

Nicole Snooki Polizzi - Family Christmas Card with Lorenzo, Giovanna, Jionni Lavalle

I did my kids Christmas pictures yesterday for the Christmas card and usually I get a professional photographer to do it but I’ve been so busy that I’m like kids get into your costumes and just smile for me and that’s going to be it. So I put Lorenzo in a cute elf costume and Giovanna in her Ms. Santa outfit and they took pictures together and it was so cute! I’m not showing anybody just because I want people to when they get the cards go OMG her kids are so cute. It’s a really cute picture. I’ll show you guys once Christmas is over! But I’m excited for Christmas! I decorated my whole house but the only thing that is missing is my tree which I ordered but I didn’t get it yet. It’s a fifteen foot tree to put in my living room, so I’m excited for that. Can’t wait!

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