I Need To Go To This Beer Spa!

OMG we need to talk about this beer spa! They have this spa in Prague where you can have a 30 minute bar and bath session. They basically fill a Jacuzzi up with beer and you sit in a bubble bath of just warm beer! Apparently the yeast content aids in improving your complexion and relieves muscle stress…

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My Kids Are Always With Me

Snooki - Personalized Case with Family Picture from My Custom Case

As a mother, the hardest thing to do is leave your babies for work, and it honestly never gets easier!! I love this personalized case for my new iPhone 6 from www.MyCustomCase.com because it has a beautiful picture of my son on it. It’s so special and meaningful because it’s like he’s always with me even when we are apart! I seriously cannot wait to have our family portrait with baby Giovanna, Lorenzo, and Jionni, turned into a case for my phone! I’m obsessed with MyCustomCase. They have super cute cases for all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones with lots of stylish patterns to choose from. And it’s so easy to customize on their website with your name, monogram or your own photo. I can’t wait to customize some for my friends and family for upcoming birthdays, baby showers, and even as stocking stuffers for the holiday season!! So cute! I love the personal touch and it’s something that whoever you give it to, they will use EVERYDAY! Doesn’t get better than that! Go to www.MyCustomCase.com and start customizing booboos!!! XOXO