Stephen Collins Child Molestation Claims…

7th Heaven Cast- Stephen Collins child molestation case

The 7th Heaven dad, Stephen Collins, is accused of child molestation and obviously TMZ broke it because they are up everybody’s assholes. Supposedly he molested and exposed himself to several underaged girls before which is freaking weird. That’s disgusting. What would you do if you were a ten year old girl and you see this guy just whip out his thing? That’s so weird. And then people were asking him questions about it. He confessed to molesting an 11 year old girl where he was touching her hand and putting her hand on his penis. That’s what the articles are saying. Then somebody said when you exposed yourself did you have an erection and he’s like no… partially… maybe. Eww. Now I’m thinking remember him on 7th Heaven with Ruthie. She was just on Maxim last year and she was so hot but what if he touched her?

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Ariana Grande and Big Sean Are Official…

snooki - Ariana Grande and Big Sean are official

Ariana Grande is dating Big Sean. Now they are wearing matching chains so I feel like this is a high school relationship! It’s very cute. She’s 21, but the way she wears her hair makes her seem like she’s younger. She’s putting pictures on Instagram with different hair and OMG she’s so beautiful. So now it’s a more messy ½ up ½ down. She is probably the one who likes the hair signature she’s rocking, like how I had the poof and I never wanted to do anything different. So that’s her poof and now shes getting over it!

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