I Can’t Deal With Spiders…

Snooki - South American Goliath Birdeater Spider

We all know I’m scared of freaking spiders. They found a new species of a spider and it is literally the size of a freaking puppy. It’s huge! It’s bigger than a grown man’s foot and a grown man’s hand and it’s found in South America so now I will never go to South America! It’s beautiful and the rainforests are gorgeous and I’m sure it’s amazing to visit them but dude if I’m walking in the rainforest and I see a puppy sized spider I am out! I am out! That is absolutely not happening. I would rather gouge my eyeballs out than see that spider in person. I’m just not doing it. Eventually they could just come over here on a plane on a banana crate. The fact that they are real and the size of puppies… I CAN’T. The spider is called the South American Goliath Birdeater so clearly it eats birds! I can’t even look at it because I want to kill myself. A scientist was out there looking at the animals and heard noise in the rainforest and he turns around and it’s a damn huge hairy spider about to attack him. I give him a lot of credit and he must have huge huge balls literally to be in this rainforest with god knows what creations of creatures out there and of course he comes across this huge spider. I wish he never found it we never knew about it. The fact there is a spider the size of a puppy… In 20 years there could be a spider the size of an elephant and that’s when human life is just done, we’re all gonna die.

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Three Ways To Rock A Fall Cardigan!

Snooki - Love Collection three ways to rock a cardigan this fall
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Hey booboos!!!

In this Snooki Love Collection exclusive, we’re showing you three ways to rock the hottest cardigans from Snooki Love collection this fall. From a look that is for the girl from the Bronx, to something edgy for that modern rocker girl and finally a more sophisticated style, the Snooki Love collection has it all. Check out all the new pieces available now at the snookishop.com!

P.S. the song in the video is from B-Capp, one of my amazing Team Snooki Music artists! It’s called WOW, and I’m obsessed with it right now so I had to share it with you lovies!

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