Fact or Fiction: Kardashian News Roundup…

Snooki - Kris Jenner Sperm Donor + Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Divorce Rumors

According to The National Inquirer, Kris Jenner is on the hunt for a sperm donor because she wants to have a baby before her upcoming 60th birthday. But this information is also from The National Inquirer. That has to be fake. The magazine is saying she’s babysitting her grand kids now because she wants her own. Yeah there is no way she wants more kids. That can’t be true. What do you think?

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A Mama June and Sugar Bear Porno!?

mama june and sugar bear porn for vivid entertainment

There were rumors that Mama June and Sugar Bear were being pursued by Vivid Entertainment to do a porno for a million dollars. But Mama June actually told TMZ, she would never consider the porn offer for her and Sugar Bear to do the dirty and make a million dollars.

““I have more respect for myself and my kids and my family. It ain’t happening, not even for a zillion dollars,” Mama June told the site.

Let’s be real, I would watch it. We would all be curious and watch it together. Sugar Bear is the baby daddy who is awesome and Mama June is the one who was supposedly dating the predator. I would so watch it. Joey said he would do a sex tape for a million dollars. But I would never do it.

Would you watch the Mama June and Sugar Bear porno?
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